1. Do you provide a sample of my custom box before printing?

Yes, in most cases, when you’re creating a new custom box we highly recommend that you order your box by selecting Sample Required with your order.

2. Do you print Pantone ink on custom box packaging?

Yes, we do print using Pantone inks. If our product page does not have the option for Pantone inks under the Ink and Color choices, you may want to request a custom estimate.

3. Can I order blank white boxes in my custom size?

Yes, simply choose the size that you need or define the LxWxD (Length, Width, Depth) of your box, then choose No Color from your printing options. Keep note that you will still need to upload a file however, it would be the die-line that you downloaded without any added artwork.

4. Can you deliver my custom boxes faster if we paid extra?

We can certainly produce your packaging box quickly once we have an idea of your requirements. The best thing to do is contact our support team and we’ll be able to tell you if it’s doable based on the current production capacity.

5. Do you ship large orders of custom boxes by freight?

Yes, when you place a large order, we will provide you with several logistics methods that meet your requirements for you to choose

6. The only thing is shipping, I want to get my goods ASAP and I don't want to have problems with my pre-sale show, is there any other cheaper and faster shipping?

Then we can ship in batches, such as 100pcs with FedEx (3-5 days), and the remaining ocean shipping (20-25 days).

7. I intend to place an order, but I need to confirm the sample, what can I do to get it faster?

Then we can do a deposit if you are confirmed, then we will make samples before mass production and send to you, if there is an improvement, you can suggest to us to improve in mass production.

8. Why still can't check the tracking information, UPS keeps saying to create a label, are you lying to me that my goods haven't left your factory?

The update will only be displayed when the UPS to the port when the goods are scanned, I understand your feeling. Let me show you the UPS shipping status of other customers so you can understand better.

9. Why can't thicker paper be used on the surface of the box, shouldn't this be stronger?

Because of a series of operations such as printing, cutting, mounting, etc., there will be errors, we won't ship the bad goods to you, so that's why I recommend these materials that are sufficient to achieve.

10. Can I choose the gold foil? I think you have different options, right?


11. What can I do if I want to make changes after my design has been sent?

As long as mass production is not turned on, our designers can modify it for you for free, or you can resend the updated design.

12. Can you send me some art photos to help me promote when I'm done?

Yes, this is our extra service, and will try to send art photos.

13. I am not sure about the quantity I want, but as long as the price is good I will continue, what is the price you can offer?

Then we will recommend different quantities of prices according to your requirements so that you can understand and compare more clearly.

14. We have run out of magnetic boxes, the last production time was 20 days. Can this be completed in two weeks and shipped immediately?

Yes, please trust our ability and experience. After receiving the full payment, we will send out the finished goods immediately.

15. I don't need all the goods to enter the Amazon warehouse for the time being, can I store the remaining 350 pieces in your factory?

Yes, we can do you a favor, but storage fees will be charged for more than half a month. And please update the shipping time.

16. Can we adjust the sample time to 3 days?

Usually 5-7 days, but we can speed it up.

17. We are designing the box art now, do you have a template we can use to submit our order information?

Yes, we can provide the blank template within 2 hours.

18. Is there any possibility that your factory will reprint my product and sell it to others in public?

NO! It’s your intelligent copyright, our company will never reveal customers' designs and market them.

19. What caused the goods delay since we already follow the shipping schedule?

Change of flight and customs inspection.

20. What is the difference between a full payment and a deposit?

This will be clearly reflected in the delivery speed, the deposit needs balance then start shipment.

21. How do you deal with water damage or transportation damage?

We will use a waterproof bag to pack the goods or tape the outside of the cartons. If you allow, we will put desiccant in the goods. We will also put in extra goods to offset the shipping losses. For the damage, we deeply regret that, but we will use a five-layer strengthened foreign trade corrugated box to pack the goods to protect them. We suggest you don’t receive it immediately, first contact your local shipper and open an issue, then you can provide the issue number to us, and we will also help you deal with it.

22. Why is your sample fee higher than other suppliers?

Our sample uses specific material that can meet your demands well, and you will be very satisfied when you received it. You can also tell us your target price and other supplier’s price, we can also make the sample within your budget.

23. Will you charge an extra fee when I pay?

No, we won’t.

24. How’s your production time for samples, bulk orders, and delivery?

It depends on the product and the process it uses. Normally 7-10 days for sample production, and 15-25 days for bulk order production, the delivery time depends on the method you choose, airway 7-15 days, seaway 25-35 or 35-40 days. However, due to some force majeure factors, the production time and transportation time will be extended accordingly.

25. Why my parcel had arrived at the delivery point here, but the dispatch has been delayed for the umpteenth time?

It depends on your local delivery service.

①If you have paid the tariff, then you can wait for the goods patiently or call your local shipper to urge them. We will also contact them to dispatch to you ASAP.

②If you haven’t paid the tariff, then you need to pay it first. After you pay, your local shipper will arrange the dispatch, we will also contact them to let them deliver faster.